Transaction Partners   


AuSable is a solution-oriented acquirer; we make a concerted effort to achieve the goals of corporate, individual, and estate sellers. We work to actively listen to the most pressing demands of sellers and work toward effective execution and definitive closing. We’re also known for closing transactions quickly and with little disruption to the seller. We’re particularly focused on achieving the needs and requirements of corporate sellers and understand and embrace the challenges associated with a carve-out.

Investment Banks and Intermediaries

Our reputation in the investment banking and intermediary community is unique. We’ve achieved long-term relationships with a host of deal sourcing channels and have maintained this reputation by doing what we say we’re going to do. We’re known for getting the most challenging transactions closed. We also have a deep respect for the selling process and work toward providing certainty to investment banks and intermediaries and avoid profligate overbidding and process manipulation.

Banks and Lenders

The AuSable team has developed deep financing relationships with lenders over the years. These relationships enable us to fairly and effectively structure transactions that are a win/win for all parties. Although borrowing based upon relationships has waned since the profound consolidation of the banking industry, AuSable continues to maintain its core relationships with its lenders.


Incenting management properly is the key to any transactions success. AuSable respects its operators and works to support them, both financially and operationally. AuSable stands behind its promises to management, as they are our partners and we treat them as such. In addition to our incentive packages, we also believe management should purchase equity alongside AuSable, further aligning our interest and increasing management’s stake in the company.


Acquiring businesses in transition is a challenging effort and often difficult decisions must be made. AuSable views employees as critical partners to the success of an investment, and we work to treat employees with dignity. The employees are the backbone of any company, and we view them as our partners toward success.