Why AuSable?   


Relationships are critical to sourcing and closing transactions, closing transactions, and supporting management through industry channels and contacts. While other investment firms solely look at income statements and balance sheets, AuSable works to bring value outside of the Wall Street mainstream. It is within an industry that true value is created. Our reputation in the private equity market is unlike other firms, as we work to both add value and maintain positive relationships with sellers, banks, investment banks, management teams, and employees.

Operating Expertise

The AuSable team has years of operational experience and views this as a key differentiator to our firm. We view a business operationally and competitively first, then work from this perspective to increase financial performance. Our team acts as an in-house consulting group to companies we acquire — from IT implementation to plant reorganizations — supporting management and providing them time to build industry relationships, expand distribution channels, and add critical franchise value. We believe in investing in our companies, both through capital investment and human resources.

Execution Capabilities

AuSable is highly adept at working with corporate, individual, estate sellers and management teams seeking to acquire a business. We respect and understand the different needs of each type of seller and we work to act as a solution provider. Our ability to close transactions quickly, particularly complex transactions or corporate spin-outs, is well known and our solution-based approach has enabled AuSable to build a large universe of relationships that support our value creating efforts.