Transaction Types   

AuSable has a long history of acquiring businesses in transition. Our speed, creativity and flexibility, operational expertise, access to capital, and relationship-oriented transaction execution provides certainty to sellers in complex and time sensitive transactions. We’re highly experienced with the following types of transactions:

Corporate Divestitures and Carve-Outs

Corporate sellers have a unique set of needs during the transaction process, such as speed, certainty of closing, the complexities of carving out a division, confidentiality, and protection of employees, customers and vendors. Additionally, corporate sellers are often seeking a prospective buyer with both capital resources and creative solutions. AuSable is highly accustomed to the needs of corporate sellers and has a long history of acquiring such businesses. Below are several examples of acquisitions the AuSable team has acquired from corporate sellers:

Special Situations

AuSable has closed on a host of complex transactions where good businesses have experienced dramatic shifts in their industries or, often, suffered from excess leverage, causing the business to be stressed by its lenders or forced into bankruptcy. AuSable has acquired businesses in §363 sales (we only participate as the stalking horse), plans of reorganization, out of court restructurings, and through the acquisition of debt securities. We understand the needs of businesses and its stakeholders in these special situations and are particularly accustomed to dealing with lenders through these challenging processes. We’re also accustomed to acquiring businesses in deep turnaround situations. Below are several examples of acquisitions the AuSable team has acquired in these types of special situations:

Management Buyouts & Recapitalizations

Management teams working for businesses owned by a third party often discover the opportunity to acquire the business from its shareholders and position themselves with a solid equity stake in the business going forward. Typically, capital and execution capabilities often prove challenging for management teams under these scenarios. AuSable finds partnering with these management teams and providing them with equity and appropriate incentive structures to be an excellent vehicle for long-term value creation. Additionally, AuSable often encounters owners that may not want to entirely exit their ownership of a business, but seek to raise liquidity and diversify their assets. We’ve found partnering with owners in these types of transactions to be a desired acquisition strategy, particularly if AuSable can provide a new view to the business and add value through its operational capabilities and deep relationship base. Below are several examples of acquisitions the AuSable team has acquired in these types of scenarios: