Greg Carlisle    Managing Director

Greg Carlisle has over 16 years of private equity/venture capital investing experience and over 20 years of operational experience in high-tech startup companies and software development.  Prior to co-founding Limestone, he served as a Managing Director at Gefinor Ventures where he oversaw investments in several startups including Metreos (acquired by Cisco, NASDAQ:CSCO), Mimix Broadband (bought out by GaAS Labs), and SiVerion (acquired by LogicVision, NASDAQ:LVGN).

Prior to his private equity and venture capital career, he served as interim CEO for 2 of Bob Inman’s private investments (Intransco and Jazz IT); both of which were successfully sold to other privately held companies. Prior to that, he served as COO for e-commerce company Ambac Connect and was the Founder and President of Jones Cyber Solutions, Ltd. At Jones, he was responsible for the company’s rapid growth, resulting in $12 million of sales revenue within its first 3 years. Prior to that he worked Andersen Consulting managing telecommunications and software development projects.  He began his career in the energy industry at ARCO and Petro-Lewis.

He received a B.A. degree from The University of Texas at Arlington.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Carmichael Training Systems and Sharklet Technologies.